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Vision, Mission

Our vision projects a self portrait to the whole corporate world, as we would like to see it:

The company that we wish to work for is an open, ethical community, in which diverse individuals generate money doing whatever they like. The world we wish to help build is a network of such communities.

One way to understand the vision is to see it as a description of a client, after we have implemented our consultancy services. Therefore, our mission details what we do in order to get the client to that ideal state:
"HR Tuning initiated by the client:
     a. we motivate employees to become more efficient;
     b. we provoke managers to rethink their business;
     c. we mediate consensus and offer knowledge to bring about change."

Four cardinal values define our behavior towards clients, business partners and employees:

respect. business respect
Respect is a mind-frame, communicated by a smile and a sensible word in a tensed situation, or a handshake in uncertain times. Respect is a code of conduct, based on acknowledging truth and value wherever we may find them.

creativity to the core of the brick
Creativity is an approach - we explode the rock stable certainties to unlock each employee's potential and avoid linear thinking. Creativity is a structural issue - our company has a shifting geometry that allows us to develop new tools for new partners and to deal with the unexpected.

planning from the beginning
We don't brag about being able to work under pressure or stress. We eliminate stress and pressure through careful planning and allotting of time and resources. This way, we get exceptional results before the deadline, giving our clients a chance to review, comment and approve our projects with time to spare.

both ways loyalty
Business is personal – and is based on trust. We offer and expect 100% loyalty, during booms and recessions. Our policy to solve disagreements is based on dialog, mediation and a faith in principled negotiation.